No one likes the idea of someone uninvited being in their home. Very often an opportunist thief is to blame e.g. a door is left open while you are out in the garden, a window is left ajar to let some air in. By changing your habits and getting into good routines of closing windows and doors these types of intruders can easily be deterred. However a more determined burglar may require you to up the ante on the home security front. From installing a burglar alarm to getting a dog, here are 10 great ways of improving security in your home.

1. Install a CCTV System

This has been shown to be the biggest deterrent to burglars. Visible exterior cameras are often enough to make a potential burglar move on to another property

2. Install an intruder alarm and use it

Many people have an intruder alarm but then forget to set it when they go out or don’t set it at all overnight. This may be because they are not entirely happy with the operation of their current system. It may have been a security system that was there when they bought the house. In this case they should contact an experienced security installation company and ask them to look it over. They will be able to determine how the system can best be improved. Perhaps the zones need to be changed and made more flexible, perhaps the time the buzzer gives to set or unset the alarm is too short, perhaps there is a worry that pets will trip the sensors. A good security installation company will be happy to offer advice and help with any of these issues.

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3. Secure all doors and windows with appropriate locks

Not all locks are equal. It is important that the appropriate lock is used on all windows and external doors. In addition to preventing an intruder gaining access easily, home insurance can be invalidated if your locks are not of the standard specified in your policy documents.

4. Think very carefully about the best place for a spare key

Never leave a spare key under the mat, flower pot, nearby shrub or on a piece of string through the letterbox.
If you must have a spare it is safest to leave it with a neighbour. If this is not possible find a more unusual or imaginative hiding place that can be accessed without passersby being able to watch you retrieve it.

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5. When out, place lights on timers and leave a radio on

If you are away for a while get mail and milk deliveries picked up or stopped.

6. Keep all valuables out of sight

Small items such as i-pads, mobiles, jewellery are much more likely to be stolen than larger items. Don’t hide expensive items in the usual places e.g. master bedroom, living room or dining room. Find (or create) a safe place in the loft, basement or kitchen instead – an locksmith from Edinburgh suggests

7. Get a dog

Burglars are not fond of entering properties with dogs, particularly at night. Unfortunately, using recordings of a dog barking has not been found to be a successful substitute!

8. When going on holiday be discreet

When going on holiday, don’t load up the car with suitcases in plain sight of passersby. Put the car in the garage first, if you have one. If you don’t have a garage, make the process as quick and inconspicuous as possible.

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9. Be careful what you share on social media

Discourage family members from using social media to share any information regarding specific dates when your home is likely to be left empty e.g. dates of holidays, parties, weddings, concerts under roofs in Newcastle etc. Better to share information and memories of these events when you have returned home.

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10. Look out for any unusual chalk markings or small stickers on your property

It has been reported that burglars have been using coded symbols, dubbed the Da Pinci Code, to let other criminals know whether a property is worth targeting. If you find anything unusual on your property or in your garden remove it straight away.

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