burglar alarmsEveryone wants to feel safe and happy in their own home. Many people are uneasy walking into an empty house alone, some feel anxious going to bed at night while other people worry about going on holiday and leaving their home unoccupied.

For these and many other reasons it may be worth considering investing in a good quality Intruder Alarm System. Once you have done your research and selected a reputable security installation company the next decision is whether to install a Wired or Wireless Intruder Alarm.

The difference between a Wired and Wireless Intruder Alarm System

  • A wired system uses low voltage wires to transmit signals from the sensors to the control panel
  • A wireless system uses radio frequencies to transmit signals from the sensors to the control panel
  • A wired system use power from the control panel to operate the sensors
  • A wireless system uses batteries to operate the components.

8 Advantages of a Wireless Intruder Alarmwireless intruder alarms

  1. No messy wires that need routed or fed throughout the house
  2. No drilling or lifting of carpets or floorboards
  3. Quick and cost effective to install
  4. Easy to reposition sensors if you later decide to change areas being covered
  5. Easy to add to the system if further coverage is required at a later date – assuming your controller has the extra zone capacity.
  6. Can be easily integrated with other wireless systems e.g. CCTV
  7. Easy to take the components with you if you move house
  8. Protection against a burglar cutting a wire

wireless intruder systems

Disadvantages of a Wireless Intruder Alarm

  • Individual components i.e. sensors, controller, keypad etc are usually more expensive. However, this is usually offset by lower installation costs.
  • If all components run on battery power this can lead to issues if batteries are not replaced when necessary. This can potentially leave areas unprotected. However all good intruder alarm systems will be designed to give plenty of warning if the battery in a particular sensor is weakening and it is also worth noting that the life of a battery has improved greatly in the last few years and in many cases will not need replacing for years
  • Wireless repeaters may be needed to pass the signal from the sensor to the control panel if the distance is too great

security alarmHybrid Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems

It is generally accepted by most professional burglar alarm installation companies that wireless is the way forward. As technology improves, so does the range and quality of wireless alarm products that are available.

However there is also a third security solution that is often recommended. It uses a mixture ofwired and wireless technologies. These security systems are known as Hybrid Wireless Alarm Systems. They are a great compromise between wired and wireless systems. Some components, such as the control panel and siren are hard wired and other components such as the sensors are wireless. This type of solution could be viewed as the best of both worlds.

What is the best solution for my home?

A professional alarm company should use their depth of knowledge and experience to recommend the best security solution for your particular home. If your house is in the middle of being refurbished they may recommend a wired system, since any disruption caused by rewiring will not be an issue. If you have a small newly decorated flat, with limited under floor or roof access, a wireless or hybrid wireless system may be recommended. Regardless of your situation a reputable security installation company should always be able to provide the best installation for your needs.

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